Sunday, May 24, 2009

~time flies~

WOW - I have been busy.  I mean normal life with 3 little ones is usually a little crazy anyways, but lately its been surreal!  So I have been WAY behind on blogging.  

I just got a new fabulous lens for my camera and have been playing around with it ~ love when I get new toys!  I have showed up at my son's t-ball game with my new 70-200mm lens ...I probably look like I am some crazed mom with this huge lens hanging off my camera as 3-5 year olds line up to hit the ball.  Okay so maybe I am a little crazed ; )

I have plans for a few more new toys - next purchase is a new camera {time to upgrade}  and another lens that I have my eye on.  Hopefully this week!

I am getting ready to attend a workshop with the uber talented Brianna Graham - can't wait!!!  

And since this is a photography blog - Got a chance to do pictures for this adorable little girl a couple of weeks ago.

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